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Guided Care Course

This course is the only approved Guided Care Nurse training. Course Content: 20 core courses & 19 clinical courses- completely online! Nurses who complete this course will receive a Certificate in Guided Care Nursing from Johns Hopkins.

Feedback from users:
"It was excellent to include all geriatric-related health problems covered."
"The multiple presentation formats and resources (interviews with patients, GCNs, journal articles, and powerpoint presentations) allowed for multiple pathways to understanding of the content."
"The course was well thought-out and all the modules worked harmoniously together."



Clinical Conditions of the Older Adult Course

The care of older people is a complex and skilled branch of health care. To be effective, nurses need to be knowledgeable, flexible, and positive in their interventions.

This Clinical Conditions of the Older Adult series provides 17 clinical courses presented by Johns Hopkins experts covering common diagnoses and problems of older adults.


EBP Boot Camp

This comprehensive, hands-on 5 day program is perfect for:
•    Clinical leaders/educators wanting to increase their EBP competence 
•    Departmental champions charged with bringing EBP into their organization
•    Faculty responsible for teaching EBP or advising graduate or doctoral students

Boot Camp Participant Comments:
"This was an awesome experience! "
"The presenters were so enthusiastic and passionate about EBP." 
"Every speaker was so engaged and you could tell EBP was so important to them."
"This program definitely increased my understanding of the EBP process." 
"It was fun and lively."
"Definitely recommend it!"


Preparing for an Active Shooter Course

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This course focuses on the three options an individual has during an active shooter incident, what to expect and what to do when law enforcement officers arrive and what to expect in the immediate aftermath.


Nursing Leadership Academy

Johns Hopkins Nursing has been providing development for nursing leaders for over a decade. Our Nursing Leadership Academy is a unique, highly interactive program designed specifically for nursing leaders and those aspiring to leadership positions. During this 4‐day intensive program, you'll explore best practices with management experts and learn practical strategies from experienced Johns Hopkins nursing leaders. 

Comments from past participants:

"This was a fabulous program that provided me with a wealth of information and knowledge as a new manager.  I would recommend this program for a new or even experienced leader." 
"I enjoyed the course!  I feel that I have more confidence in my leadership skills now." 
"I absolutely loved the entire course. The program was excellent; all topics taught were applicable and will certainly improve me as a manager."