eCystic Fibrosis Review is a FREE monthly CE series for nurses, nurse practitioners, and others involved in the care of patients with Cystic Fibrosis. It provides updates on the latest research, best practices, and issues currently under debate, as well as a concise review of the relevant journal literature.

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8CF, Nutrition, and HEMT [PODCAST]12/23/202212/22/2024
7CF and Diet and Nutrition: The Changing Paradigm12/23/202212/22/2024
6ETI (CFTR Triple Therapy): Clinical Opportunities9/14/20229/13/2024
5CFTR Triple Therapy (ETI)8/23/20228/22/2024
4Pulmonary Exacerbations and IV Antibiotics7/19/20227/18/2024
3New Insights into Pulmonary Exacerbations6/29/20226/28/2024
2Race, Ethnicity, and Cystic Fibrosis6/21/20226/20/2024
1Does Race Impact CF Diagnosis and Care?5/12/20225/11/24