Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice Curriculum for Nurse Residency

This curriculum is designed to:
  • Spark curiosity in our nurse residents regarding the evidence-based practice (EBP) process 
  • Review basic information about the three forms of inquiry EBP, Quality Improvement (QI), and Research
  • Help residents identify resources and tools to determine best practices both within the literature and their organization 

Why did we develop this curriculum? 

Through our experience, we have learned that “EBP initiatives” or “mini-EBPs” do not allow educators to effectively verify EBP skill acquisition. Additionally, they do not represent the true state of the evidence because residents are limited by time and knowledge to perform an adequate literature review, and therefore cannot be implemented based on sound recommendations.  

This curriculum is an abbreviated version of the Johns Hopkins EBP model and is not meant to replace our full EBP course. By using activities and case studies, nurse residents can practice skills associated with EBP while bypassing many of the pitfalls of other approaches.  

Are we required to use everything in the curriculum? 

No! This curriculum is meant to be customized to meet the needs of both educators and nurse residents with multiple options for content delivery for each of the 10 lessons. Additionally, organizations can select accompanying activities or case studies to reinforce EBP skills. Each case study includes an actionable evidence summary that is ready for translations as well as accompanying completed EBP tools including the Question Development Tool (Appendix B), and article appraisals (Appendices E and F).  

We are proud to share this new approach to teaching EBP in Nurse Residency. We believe this curriculum will simplify your EBP journey and set up educators, nurses, and leadership for success.  


The curriculum consists of 10 lessons with corresponding PowerPoint presentations. Each lesson includes a variety of delivery methods, optional hands-on activities, suggested readings, and additional resources from the Johns Hopkins Center for Nursing Inquiry such as podcasts, videos, and blogs. This complete nurse residency curriculum plan is available for your organization to use in its NRP Program. You will have unlimited use of the curriculum for an entire year for the price of $1750. 


Case Studies: Through the use of case studies the nurse resident can walk through the EBP process and use real-world clinical issues to improve their EBP skills. Each case study comes with a JBI summary, research and non-research articles to appraise, and completed JHEBP tools. Choose case studies that best represent your populations of interest. Cost: $10 each

Online JHEBP Course:  The Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice online course is used by hundreds of organizations and universities to teach the EBP process. This interactive, engaging course teaches how to complete the EBP process using the Johns Hopkins EBP Tools. Coupons can be purchased for your nurse residents to complete the 5-module course for $30 per person (regular price: $75). Coupons are sold in groups of 20 and can be added to your cart in the next step.

Live Consultation: Connect with Johns Hopkins EBP experts to ask questions, discuss content, and create exemplary EBP education for your nurse residency program. The consultation fee is $250 per hour

Sample Case Studies:

Case Study 1

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