EBP Course 3: Evidence

Now that you have written a problem statement, practice question, and PICO, where do you look for evidence?  This course explains what evidence is appropriate and how to find it.
The purpose of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to conduct a successful search for evidence, analyze and rate evidence. 
If you would like to review strategies for reading research articles and other publications or strategies for assessing commonly used statistics in research publications, you may complete the two supplemental courses in this section. They are optional.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify potential sources of evidence
  • Conduct an evidence search
  • Access library resources
  • Recognize types of evidence
  • Use standard tools to analyze evidence
  • Practice rating strength and quality of evidence
  • Appraise research and non-research evidence using standard tools 
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Christine Caufield-Noll, MLIS, AHIP
Emily Munchel, BSN, RN
Stella Seal, MLS
Jodi Shaefer, PhD, RN
Christina Wissinger, MS, MLIS


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