As educators, we recognize the importance of teaching the concepts and processes of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). We also realize the important role faculty play in instilling a spirit of inquiry that will compel students to incorporate EBP into their daily practice.  Our desire in creating this curriculum is to assist you in strengthening your students’ competence with EBP – not only fundamental knowledge of the process but also practical, real-world application. Planting the seed of inquiry and laying a solid EBP foundation positions students to provide exemplary, evidence-based care while playing an instrumental role in the EBP culture of any organization.

This curriculum is broken down into seven lessons following the format of the textbook. There is no timeline for this lesson plan. Complete each part at the pace that best fits your students - recognizing some skills or concepts may take longer to appreciate than others.

This curriculum plan contains: 

  • Required readings - to introduce EBP concepts
  • Suggested readings - to deepen students’ understanding
  • Classroom content: 
    • PowerPoint slides which align with textbook
    • EBP experiences: Interviews with EBP experts
    • EBP exemplars: Podcasts, videos, EBP examples
  • Online EBP course content - *if used by your institution 
  • Online EBP knowledge checks - *if used by your institution
  • Tasks/Assignments - to put the students’ knowledge into action

You are free to supplement your teaching with any additional readings or references. This curriculum is simply a means to assist you in teaching your evidence-based practice course as efficiently and as robustly as possible.

The corresponding slide deck (PPT) complements the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Model and Guidelines (3rd edition) published in 2017 by Sigma Theta Tau International.

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    This curriculum guide includes references to the JHNEBP online course and knowledge check.
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