This Memorandum of Understanding between THE JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL (“JHH”) and the INSTITUTE FOR JOHNS HOPKINS NURSING (“IJHN”), with an address of 600 N Wolfe Street Admin 308, Baltimore MD 21287 (herein collectively referred to as “Johns Hopkins”), and a nurse visiting the United States to participate in a clinical observation experience with JHH (herein referred to as “Nurse”). Whereas, JHH is willing to host the Nurse in a clinical observation experience and the IJHN is willing to schedule and coordinate such experience.

Now, Therefore, In consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein, it is agreed by and between JHH, IJHN and Nurse as follows:

Clinical Observation Experience

  • The nurse will provide IJHN with a detailed list of objectives/goals to be fulfilled during the clinical observation experience (the “Experience”). The list should include special interests and skills that the Nurse wishes to observe or learn during the Experience. Johns Hopkins will arrange for a schedule of rotations based on the Nurse’s stated objectives/goals.
  • The Nurse and Johns Hopkins will mutually determine the start and end dates for the Experience.
  • IJHN will provide an orientation program for the Nurse upon his/her arrival and will provide support and information to Nurse before and during the Experience.
  • The nurse acknowledges that he/she may not take any photographs, videos, or make any other recordings of patients or employees during the Experience.
  • The nurse acknowledges that the Experience is strictly limited to observation-only, and that Nurse may not practice skills, treat, or provide medical services or advice to Johns Hopkins patients during the Experience.
  • The nurse recognizes that health care environments pose certain inherent risks, and the Nurse agrees not to hold Johns Hopkins liable for any personal injury or property damage that arises during or as a result of the Nurse’s Experience with Johns Hopkins. The nurse shall sign and submit the Waiver and Release attached hereto as Exhibit A. 
  • The nurse will adhere to Johns Hopkins appearance policies, including without limitation, professional attire (no jeans) in non-clinical areas, and uniform or lab coat in clinical areas.
  • The nurse will adhere to all other applicable Johns Hopkins policies of which he/she is made aware, and acknowledges that Johns Hopkins may require the Nurse’s immediate removal in the event Nurse fails to follow such policy or other instructions provided by Johns Hopkins.

Nurse Screening/Qualifications

  • Before confirmation of the Experience, the Nurse must submit the following: 
    • Proof of required health screens and immunizations, plus a flu shot if Experience is during flu season per Johns Hopkins policy.
    • Documentation of health insurance.
    • If requested, evidence of acceptable criminal background check.
    • If requested, evidence of nursing degree(s), professional licensure, etc.
  • The nurse will view the online orientation course/video and any other assigned training before the Experience, as directed by IJHN.
  • The nurse acknowledges that a successful Experience requires English proficiency and that Johns Hopkins does not provide interpreter services for the Experience. Nurse warrants and represents that Nurse has professional proficiency in English, including familiarity with medical terminology.


  • The nurse will arrange and pay for all air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, and personal expenses during the Experience.
  • Before the start of the Experience, the Nurse agrees to pay in full the determined cost of the Experience.
  • Payment may be made by credit card or the Johns Hopkins Western Union Payment System. To pay by wire please contact
  • In the event of cancellation by the Nurse, a full refund, less a $500 processing fee, will be returned if a cancellation request is received via email at least four weeks in advance of the Experience start date. No refunds will be processed after four weeks before the confirmed start date. 
  • IJHN reserves the right to cancel a program due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event of such cancellation, IJHN will refund all fees paid to Johns Hopkins in full; Johns Hopkins cannot be responsible for transportation and accommodation costs, charges, or expenses incurred by the Nurse

General Terms

  • If Nurse has a medical emergency while on-site at JHH during the Experience, Johns Hopkins will see that emergency care is provided through the Nurse’s health insurance coverage. Except for emergency care, the Nurse is responsible for his/her own medical care needs.
  • If a dispute arises between Johns Hopkins and the Nurse, the parties will work cooperatively to resolve informally if possible. In the event of a dispute arising to the level of litigation, this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Maryland (excepting any conflict of laws or provision which would serve to defeat application of Maryland law), and venue shall be in the State of Maryland. EACH PARTY, KNOWINGLY AND AFTER CONSULTATION WITH COUNSEL, FOR ITSELF, ITS SUCCESSORS, AND ASSIGNS, WAIVES ALL RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY OF ANY CLAIM ARISING CONCERNING THIS AGREEMENT OR ANY MATTER RELATED IN ANY WAY THERETO.

Whereas, Nurse is a resident of the country noted above, and desires to visit the United States to participate in a clinical observation experience with JHH;

 I certify that I am visiting Johns Hopkins for observational  purposes only.


This Waiver and Release is executed by the “Nurse” on the date set forth on the signature line below to cover the Nurse’s participation in an observership the Johns Hopkins Hospital (“Johns Hopkins”). The Nurse acknowledges and is aware that his/her anticipated observership may include exposure to various patient care areas and/or research environments, and includes certain inherent risks. Working in a medical environment carries with it the possibility of personal injury, as well as potential exposure to airborne or blood borne pathogens, which could lead to an infectious illness such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, TB, influenza, or other illness. In addition, the Nurse’s placement could involve handling of sharp instruments or other equipment that could cause injury if not handled properly. The Nurse assumes all risks inherent in participating in the observership, and agrees to follow all precautionary measures and instructions provided by Johns Hopkins staff. In addition, to the extent that the Nurse accompanies Johns Hopkins staff on a ride-along opportunity in a land or air medical response vehicle, the Nurse acknowledges that such ride along opportunity may be dangerous and may result in bodily injury and/or death, as well as the exposure risks set forth in the paragraph above. If the Nurse participates in such ride-along opportunities, the Nurse assumes all risks inherent in being with, riding with and responding to emergency and routine situations. This assumption of risk includes routine activities as well as responding to emergencies with lights and sirens, and also the risks found at the scene of an emergency. The Nurse agrees to follow all precautionary measures and instructions given by Johns Hopkins and the transport company staff. Having been advised of and accepting the inherent risks, the Nurse hereby releases and waives all claims against the Johns Hopkins Affiliate that is hosting the Nurse, as well as its affiliates, parent organization, and their respective trustees, officers, agents, employees, and assigns, related to bodily injury or property damage that occurs during the Nurse’s observership, whether on or off of Johns Hopkins property or in any land or air medical response vehicle. I have read and agree to the terms of this Observership Waiver and Release.

By completing this SIGNATURE field, I warrant my acceptance and adherence to this waiver and release for visiting nurses.

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Mandatory Immunization Requirement (for all visitors) 
To prevent any possibility of risk to patients, staff, and international visitors, IJHN requires proof of immunity and health screening for several infectious diseases. The Nurse shall be responsible for obtaining any required immunizations or tests at his/her own expense before arrival in the U.S. The Nurse shall be responsible for submitting all proof of immunity or screening. Evidence of a complete series of immunizations (or positive titers) is required for Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (German Measles), Polio, Varicella Zoster (Chickenpox), Tetanus, Influenza, Diphtheria, and COVID-19PPD screening within 12 months of arrival or other documentation of tuberculosis clearance is required. 

Visiting any clinical area will not be permitted until these proofs of immunity and screening are provided.

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement (for international visitors)
Health care in the United States (U.S.) is extremely expensive. Before arriving, international visitors must purchase adequate health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in the U.S. Certain types of elective medical care such as dental services, eyeglasses, and prescription medication are ordinarily not covered by insurance, and they are very expensive. To the extent possible, visitors should take care of such needs before leaving home. Johns Hopkins cannot provide free health insurance or free care. International visitors are required to prove they have health insurance coverage that meets the following minimum requirements set by the U.S. Government:
• $50,000 per accident/illness
• $7,500 for repatriation of remains
• $10,000 for medical evacuation (return to home country)
Accepted visitors must provide proof of coverage in the form of a confirmation letter from the insurance company, listing coverage and effective dates, to the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing before arrival in the U.S. 

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